Nine Fastners
We here at Solar BiZ carefully choose every piece of equipment down to the smallest clip, wire-nut, or screw. With years of in house testing, installations, and experience we know that a renewable energy system has to stand the test of time. The need for reliable energy world-wide in some of the most far reaching areas is ever increasing. Areas far away from conventioinal hardware stores. It starts with quality hardware, especially because solar energy is widely implemented in some of the harshest environments the world has to offer. That is why we have chosen to partner with Nine-Fasteners, a leading manufacturer of hard stainless steel wire clips, cable management systems, and solar installation equipment. Wire management is often overlooked, and appropriate code compliant components are typically not available from your local hardware store. When the smallest details could be the ultimate point of failure in an otherwise rock solid installation, Solar BiZ is here to help with the experience, knowledge, recommendations, and a large inventory kept on hand to accommodate and provide those A-Z finishing touches.

Nine Fasteners

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