NorthStar Battery is ever pushing the battery storage industry forward in enhanced technology and innovations in battery bank design. Making clear leaps forward in cost effective technology with increased reliability. NorthStar AGM thin plate lead carbon technology gives you extremely-fast recharge times. Aslo offering the advantage of more than three times as many cycles as standard Absorbed Glass Mat technology. By leaps and bounds this takes total system cost down, effecting the cost of maintenance and upkeep, bringing down the cost of charging systems substantially, and all the while improving on the total reliability of a renewable energy system. Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM technology has always been the safe battery to transport over air, land or sea because it is non-hazardous to ship. These batteries feature front access terminals allowing for easier installation on a battery rack – which will also ultimately take up less floor space. NorthStar Battery makes energy storage designed for reliability, ease of installation, ease of transport, and effective square footage conservation.

NorthStar Battery

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