Phocos North America, Inc.
Phocos was developed in the year 2000 dedicated to engineering and manufacturing energy efficient renewable energy equipment. They make everything from solar charge controllers which help to process solar power electricity to charge batteries, to robust inverters that can safely and effectively change DC battery power into useable on demand AC electricity. They also make highly efficient DC appliances like lighting and refrigeration – bringing a new level of off-grid capability to remote locations world-wide. Energy efficient appliances are essential in off grid living. The more energy efficient one can be will ultimately bring the total cost of a solar electric system down. The use of DC appliances like lighting and refrigeration is highly convenient, because an expensive inverter is not needed. They also use much less energy which minimizes the total amount of solar panels and related equipment needed to implement a fully functional system. Phocos manufacturing has made reliable power available in areas of the world where grid power is unfeasible and cost prohibitive.

Phocos North America

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