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Max Lug 2/0 3/8" Hole

Minimum Order 2 Lugs

Item Number: TSB-05956F
Manufacturer: Quick Cable Corporation
Model Number: 5956F
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 02/25/2019

Max Lug 2/0 3/8" Hole

Lugs can be crimped, soldered or both, although a properly crimped connection has the ability to carry more amps. Max Lugs, medium duty lugs with a thicker and wider tab than standard tube lugs. These offer greater contact and also less resistance. A good choice for high amperage draw circuits such as with an inverter. Max Lugs have a 3/8" hole in the tab.

If you're looking for a super heavy duty lug, Call us about our Magna Lugs instead.

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