MidNite MPPT Wind & Hydro Charge Controller 1.6 Clipper

Item Number: MNS-65116
Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
Model Number: MNKID-HWBC1.6
Last Price Update: 06/13/2019

MidNites The WIND KID Charge Controller 1.6 OHM Clipper

The WIND KID was specifically designed to work with Hydro and Wind turbines of many makes and sizes. Fully programmable to work with virtually any mirco turbine on the market. The WIND KID is able to SYNC with solar KIDs to coorinate charging ( keeping in mind the 30 amp current limit of the WIND KID) on a single battery bank making the system perform more efficently. Combined with the KID Clipper the system becomes very robust and trouble free.

The WIND KID includes AGS (Auto Gen Start) functionality as well as the ability to sync with standard solar KIDS.

These features include:

  • MPPT Tracking
  • UP to 150V input
  • Auto Gen-Start
  • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output
  • Up to 30 Amps battery output
  • No fan
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • 3 LED bar graph for battery status at a glance
  • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points
  • Includes wall mount adapter
  • Sealed for harsh enviroments
  • THE KID IS VERIFIED TO UL1741, UL458 (MARINE SUPPLEMENT)& CSA with the UL458 marine supplement, THE KID meets very strict vibration,enviroment, and thermal requirements.
  • Built in Arlington, WA USA

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