MidNite Clipper 4K MNCLIP4KAC

MidNite Clipper 4K MNCLIP4KAC
Price: $1,099.97
Item Number:MNS-45041
Weight:50.00 lbs
Manufacturer:MidNite Solar
Model Number:MNCLIP4KAC
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:03/25/2019


MidNite Clipper 4K MNCLIP4KAC

The MidNite Clipper is designed to control Wind or Hydro turbines and work with the Classic to charge your battery. The Clipper communicates with the Classic to slow the turbine when the batteries are full, and also contains a standalone self-powered adjustable max VOC limiting circuit.

The 4,000 watt AC Clipper comes in several different resistance values. The standard values available are 0.1 1., 1.6, 4.0 ohms. Please let us know upon order placement what ohm value you want standard for your new clipper.

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