MNPV8 DLTL 3R-PSB Combiner

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Item Number: MNS-42999
Last Price Update: 12/28/2021
Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
Made In: United States
Model Number: MNPV8HV-DLTL 3R-PSB


MNPV8 DLTL combiner w/Disco/PMB Rapid shutdown w/Birdhouse

This box is different from other PV Combiner boxes as it's main function is to be used with transformerless inverters utilizing up to 2 strings. We can also use this with charge controllers.This box is made to combine strings of solar panels and also serve as a load break disconnect. You can now remotely disconnect this box when used in conjunction with the Midnite Solar Birdhouse System Controller. 4 strings into the combiner with 2 separate 30 amp strings out. Specifically designed for the new dual channel MPPT on transformerless inverters. This configuration will break the Positive and Negative of 2 separate 600vdc strings. and only 1 single Positive/Negative home run out of this box, or break the output in half to serve 2 totally separate MPPT inverter inputs or 2 separate charge controllers. As this box is NEMA-4R rated - it can be mounted in any location or outdoor environment and in almost any position - so mount this combiner within 10 feet of your solar array and you have met the NEC 690.12 Code Requirement for rapid solar array emergency shutdown!


  • Rapid shutdown system compliant
  • Birdhouse compatible
  • Type 3R aluminum enclosure (No Rust)
  • Number of Fuse Holders (MNTS) installed - 8
  • 8 - 15 amp fuses installed
  • Current Rating - 60A
  • Max. Output Wire Size - 2/0
  • Output Circuits - 2
  • 90 degree C connections
  • See through dead front and color coded bus bar guards
  • #10 AWG wire internally
  • Meets 2014 NEC 690.12
  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Made in the USA

Hardware Includes:

  • 8 - Strain Reliefs
  • 8 - 1/2" NUT MNT 14

SMA requested MidNite Solar to design and build these DLTL combiners. There are 4 strings entering the combiner with 2 separate strings out. Specifically designed for the new dual channel MPPT on the transformerless inverters. or Dual MPPT separate solar charge controllers.

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