MNPV8HV-DISCO High Voltage 8 place Combiner Box 4X

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Item Number: MNS-430065
Last Price Update: 06/03/2021
Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
Made In: United States
Model Number: MNPV8HV-DISCO 3R


MNPV8HV-DISCO High Voltage 8 place Combiner Box 4X

The Midnite Solar High Voltage Solar Combiner with built in Disconnect for rapid system shutdown. Rated for outdoor use with solar panel arrays. Extra protected against corrosive environments like by the ocean or in really sandy or dusty areas. Also used for disconnecting AC grid - tied micro inverters. Meets the 2014 codes for rapid shut-down in Solar Electric systems.

* Convertible configuration (field configurable)
* Eight strings combined for up to 160 Amps single 230 Amp/600V single pole disconnect)
* 4 + 4 positive strings, separate PV+ and PV- for use with 2 inverters (2 pole 115 Amp disconnect)
* Four strings positive, four strings minus for use with non-isolated inverters (2 pole 115 Amp disconnect)
* Disconnect has built in shunt trip with positive feedback
* Birdhouse compatible
* Load Break Rated
* Optional PV connected power supply
* Optional AC connected power supply for redundancy
* NEMA 4X aluminum enclosure (no rust, won't turn to dust)
* 90o C connections
* MNSPD600 Lightning Arrestor included
* 1/2" strain reliefs and hole plugs included
* See through dead-front & color coded bus bar guards included
* Fuse holders included
* 15a/600v fuses included
* 600 volt max
* Meets 2014 NEC 690.12

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