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MT Solar Single Pole Mount 60 Cell

Item Number: MTS-1060
Manufacturer: Montana Solar
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 03/01/2020

MT Solar Top-of-Pole Solar Mounting Systems

MT Solar has come up with an ingenious solution to pole mount your solar array. It is very easy, much safer, eliminating the need to stand on a ladder in a pickup truck or in the bucket of a loader.

Their Top of Pole Mount Systems will allow you to assemble the solar panels to the rails at waist level, wire-up the solar panels at eye level, and then, with a chain hoist, pull the completed array to the top of the pole. All seasonal tilt angle adjustments are accomplished from ground level.

Small Mounts, 4 Modules and less only require the Plate Adjuster, because it’s simple to adjust by hand, without the Hand Crank.

We include the Hand Crank with all Mounts of 6 Modules and more. The Crank allows you to easily adjust tilt angle of your array from 5 to 90 degrees from the ground, to maximize your production, and allow for snow shed.

Solar Panels, are made in varying frame thicknesses, so we’ll need to know what modules you’re using, to assure proper end-clamp and mid-clamp fit to the included IronRidge XR rails. Included Integrated grounding allows for less parts and labor. All mounts are optimized for landscape orientation of solar panels.

  • Mounts are available in either the Standard, Light Heavy-Duty design.
  • The Light Design can be utilized in wind conditions up to 90 mph with 45-degree tilt and 30 psf. snow loads.
  • The Standard designs are rated at 90-105mph Wind, Exposure B, and 30-50 psf. Snow loads.
  • The Heavy-Duty Design option is available for higher wind/snow loads (140+ mph Wind, 100+ psf. Snow) Not Available on 4" Mounts.

The steel frames are painted with high grade industrial paint with anodized aluminum rails and corrosion-resistant Stainless-Steel hardware. Ships with IronRidge XR 1000 rails and clamps (except for the smaller mounts which ship with the XR 100 rails)

The mounts are to be Installed over standard Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 rigid steel pipe.

PLEASE NOTE: The rigid steel pipe is NOT included with the mounts and must be sourced locally.

The Model Number indicates the size Pole Cap/Collar that comes Standard with each mount Model Numbers starting with a 6, come with a 6" pole cap/collar, if it starts with an 8, it's an 8" pole cap/collar. Some custom variations are available. Call 888-826-0939 to discuss.

Hoist and Lifting Bracket Option allows you to assemble at ground level and chain hoist array to the top, by hand.

MT Solar Mounts are available in Single Pole (up to 16 panels), Multi Pole (32 + panels), and Commercial Multi-Pole Mounts (15kW - 250kW systems).

60-Cell Mounts fit most 60-cell modules approximately 66" long x 40" wide Check your manufacturer’s spec-sheet for the exact size of your Solar Panels.

72-Cell Mounts fit most 72-cell modules which are roughly 78" long x 40" wide


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Proudly Made in Montana USA. with a 10 Year Warranty

Call us for more information 888-826-0939