Outback EnergyCell 1000 XLC 48V 972 AH Battery System

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Item Number: OBP-021048
Last Price Update: 06/16/2022
Manufacturer: OutBack Power
Made In: United States
Model Number: 1000XLC
Industrial Batteries are custom made to order therefore, they always have lead times.
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OutBack EnergyCell 1000 XLC

The EnergyCell 1000XLC battery system is a perfect solution for all demanding off-grid or backup applications that require large energy storage capabilities.

The OutBack 1000XLC’s pioneering lead-acid technology incorporates an added carbon additive to the negative active material (NAM), with enhanced separators plus anti-corrosion grid design which delivers a dramatic improvement in service life. 3800 cycles at 50% DoD, 17-year standby life. This Battery system is optimized to operate seamlessly with all of OutBack Powers conversion equipment which can use OPTICSRE connectivity with real-time access to critical battery performance data.

The EnergyCell XLC battery system incorporates time-saving modular design. The integrated cabinet with a XLC provides a cost-effective solution for all users saving over 40% of installation time compared to a traditional rack. Proven lead-acid VRLA technology, combined with enhanced carbon additives, make it one of the safest batteries in the market. The EnergyCell XLC is unparalleled in performance backed up by a 10-year full replacement warranty.

1000XLC Specifications:

  • Warranty: 10 Years 
  • Nominal Voltage Per Cell: 2 VDC
  • Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Optimal Temperature Range: 77oF
  • Float Voltage: 53 to 54 VDC
  • Maximum Charging Current: 300 ADC
  • Terminal Hardware: M10 Bolt
  • Total Weight: 4425.12 lbs.
  • Dimensions 67.3"H x 44.2"W x 21.8"D
  • Amp-hour Capacity @20 Hr. rate: 972 

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