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OutBack EnergyCell 1400FLA 2volt Industrial Battery

Item Number: OBP-021400
Manufacturer: OutBack Power
Model Number: 1400FLA
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Free Shipping: Free Shipping
Last Price Update: 01/02/2020

OutBack EnergyCell Industrial Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

OutBack Power’s EnergyCell FLA (wet cell) batteries Design for large residential or commercial renewable energy power demands.

Optimized to work seamlessly with Solar Energy Power Conversion equipment, these batteries are a perfect addition to any renewable energy system solution. Built with rugged, deep cycle cell construction, these batteries will deliver superior performance and long life.

Product Highlights

  • Designed for residential or light-commercial off-grid renewable energy power demands
  • Rugged, deep cycle cell construction delivers superior performance and longevity
  • Proprietary cell construction reduces water loss during charging service
  • Additional fluid headspace above battery plate extends performance between watering service intervals
  • Optimized to work seamlessly with OutBack Power conversion equipment.

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