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OutBack EnergyCell 48Volt Battery System

Item Number: OBP-51000
Manufacturer: OutBack Power
Model Number: RE-48
Manufacturer Country: Various
Free Shipping: Free Shipping
Last Price Update: 01/02/2020

OutBack EnergyCell 48Volt AGM Battery System

OutBack EnergyCell 48Volt AGM Battery System. This is a perfectly engineered Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery system made up of 2 volt cells in a single series string. It is available in either 24 volt or 48 volt configurations, the pricing includes the battery rack(s) shown in the picture. The picture is of a 24 volt configuration the 48 volt is two racks and 24 cells.

Most batteries in Renewable Energy Systems are expressed at the 20 Hour Rate (a smaller number), which more approximates the solar 24 hour day.

So if you’re comparing apples to apples you need to know Amp Hours @ the 20 Hour Rate.

100% “Out-of-Box” Initial Battery Capacity

· Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology: Low Maintenance with No Watering Required.

· Battery Frame Design Allows for Maximum Heat Dissipation.

· Steel Module Design, Cells Factory Installed in Permanent Steel Modules with 1 or 2 Cells per can.

· 4x6 Standard 48V System Configuration with Multiple Module Configurations Available for Maximum Flexibility.

· Simplified Installation, all interconnects included with the system.

· Top Termination Standard, Optional Side Termination.

· Clear Flame Retardant Front Safety Shields Allow for Easy Visual Inspection Without Removal.

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