Outback Fireraptor Single Rapid Shutdown Unit

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Item Number: OBP-99901
Last Price Update: 10/03/2021
Manufacturer: OutBack Power
Model Number: OBFRS-01/16

Outback Fireraptor single Rapid Shutdown Unit

The IMO FireRaptor shuts down DC supply at panel level to ZERO VOLTS in case of emergency

Shut-down is initiated in three ways:


Manual shutdown is initiated within less than 1 second of operation by pressing the emergency pushbutton on the Emergency Rapid Shutdown Switch (Part no FRS-ESWx). The Emergency Switch can be conveniently located at ground level for easy access or multiple switches can be installed in different multi-level building zones.


Disconnection of the external AC supply, by whatever means, causes automatic remote operation of the Emergency Rapid Shutdown
Switch and panle shutdown.


Automatic shutdown occurs if the temperature sensor onboard the FireRaptor detects an ambient temperature rise above 85˚C (185˚F).
The two FireRaptor versions available shutdown in different ways.

The FRS-01 shuts down only the panel(s) connected to it upon sensing an ambient temperature rise above 85˚C (185˚F). Provided the temperature does not exceed 92˚C (198˚F), the unit will re-engage the panel(s) if the temperature drops back below 85˚C (185˚F), otherwise a manual reset of the Emergency Switch is required.

The FRS-02 shuts down the entire string connected to it upon sensing an ambient temperature rise above 92˚C (198˚F) and resetting of the Emergency Switch by a professional installer is then required. The shut-down signal can be configured to provide connection to the building’s central alarm system or notification via mobile communication (SMS, email etc.).

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