Panasonic HIT N330 Watt Mono Solar Panel Black Frame

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Item Number: PAN-140330
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Made In: Various
Model Number: VBHN330SA16

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Panasonic HIT N330 Watt Mono Solar Panel Black Frame

Introducing Panasonic North America© Solar. They are now making and shipping their new S Series solar panels with HIT Technology. Panasonic purchased HIT manufacturing from Sanyo. HIT Power panels have long been one of the seriously most efficient power producing types of solar electric power, because in manufacturing they use a combination of crystalline technologies. 

Although put simply, these are more expensive than any of the other panels with the same watt rating, you get what you pay for. Side by side with another module of equal rating, HIT will outperform year after year. The HIT technology does enable Panasonic’s solar modules to put out more power throughout the year than any other module on the planet.

The all new S Series module efficiency is rated at 19%, cellular level efficiency at 21.6%, and boasts a 10% power tolerance – which means you are getting more than you pay for in watts! Panasonic HIT Power S Series modules are premium, high-performance modules and are ideal for all kinds of solar electric applications. They perform especially well in the heat.

The exceptionally high efficiency of the Panasonic HIT S Power series solar panel produces the most power per square meter of any panel of their size in the solar industry and require less space per Watt than other modules. The Panasonic HIT S Series Power modules are now available in 330 Watts.

330W PV Module
MC4 PV Wire
40mm Black Frame on White Backsheet
96 cell HIT
15A Fuse
311.7 PTC

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