Panasonic got into the solar industry relatively late, buying out the manufacturing and technology that had been developed by Sanyo. HIT technology is a very high efficiency yield type of solar power with GREAT re-activity to lower light and hot temperatures – These 2 conditions negatively impact the total power output of most solar arrays – but not so much with Panasonics HIT. It is hard to speculate exactly why, but Panasonic is currently not shipping solar panels into the United States – we think probably because this technology is a little more expensive to make? Or perhaps the competition is fierce out there with other high-yield, efficient brands of solar modules that have been brought to the marketplace even in the last year.

As a Global leader in electronics, with a brand that dominates and resonates quality, we hope that Panasonic will soon end their solar marketplace hiatus. We have heard rumors of a comeback later this year. Until then, these high efficiency solar modules are few and far between.


    300 and up

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