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Phocos MPPT 100/40 Charge Controller

Item Number: PHO-510040
Manufacturer: Phocos North America, Inc.
Model Number: MPPT100/40
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 04/12/2020

Phocos MPPT 100/40 Charge Controller

With innovative maximum power point tracking technology, Phocos MPPT 100/40 ensures optimal performance from your solar array at all times and in all weather conditions. The MPPT can yield an energy gain from your PV array (up to 30%). When a central unit (MCU) is used, up to 8 MPPTs can be used to charge the same battery bank. This allows you to increase your system charging capacity substantially and makes MPPT100/40 and ideal solution for systems up to 9.6 kWp. The temperature-compensated three-stage I-U curve charge algorithm signifcantly extends the lifespan of your battery. Power+ current limiter allows for over-sizing PV power by up to 50% for winter months.

Fully Protected

• Thermal overload protection and temperature compensation
• Equipped with a short circuit disconnect function

Flexible Design

• Works in 12 or 24V systems (automatic battery voltage detection)
• Use as a stand alone 40A controller or as part of a modular (MPM) system

Maximized Charging

• Charges your battery faster by taking excess PV voltage and converting it into additional charge current
• Highest charging efficiency in low irradiation conditions

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