PowerMax PM3-35 35Amp Charger/Converter

Item Number: PMX-550035
Manufacturer: Power Max Fieldstone Products, Inc.
Model Number: PM3-35
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 08/30/2018

PowerMax PM3-35 35Amp Charger/Converter

PowerMax PM3-35 35Amp 12V converter/charger is a versatile, advanced power source solution. Clean, reliable DC power is ideal for powering electronics and appliances. The PM3-12V series is designed to provide clean power with or without a battery. The cooling fan runs only when needed, assuring quiet operation. Another advantage is FCC Class B compliance, which means this converter will not cause interference with televisions, radios or other signals.

Key Features:

Automatic three-stage battery charging maintains your battery's life with three nominal voltage output models 13.2V DC range float mode, 13.6V DC range absorption mode, and 14.4V DC range bulk mode. Electronic current limiting automatically shuts down power during overload or short-circuit conditions. Quiet operation in a wide range of outputs. Convenient deck mount installation.

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