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Factory Pre-Wired Power Panels

Pre-wired Power Panels from the Factory are the way to go for many good reasons. They’re done right, and they save hours of installation time.

There’s nothing worse than planning to wire up your power panel on the weekend only to find you don’t quite understand the factory manual, or worse yet you forgot to get all the required small parts. If it’s the weekend there’s no tech support to call and if this off-grid you are probably fifty miles down a bad road from the now closed electrical supply house.

A lot of smart installers power up the panel at the shop first and do all the programing before they go out the fifty miles of bad road.

You’re not going to have any problem with your electrical inspector because it’s a complete factory wired unit. Make it easy on yourself get a pre-wired Power Panel.

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Xantrex products are smaller, smarter, and more efficient than traditional power conversion equipment. We provide products today that meet the needs of a wide range of customers, either as a key component that is integrated into equipment produced by others, or combined with a power source to provide a self-contained power solution.

Solar Panel

  1. Part#XAN-110160

    Price: $483.97
  2. Part#XAN-100100

    Price: $489.97
  3. Part#XAN-110100

    Price: $329.97
  4. Part#XAN-111110

    Price: $487.97
  5. Part#XAN-110220

    Price: $1,009.97
  6. Part#XAN-100160

    Price: $567.97
  7. Part#XAN-110080

    Price: $467.97
  8. Part#XAN-110110

    Price: $417.97
  9. Part#XAN-111160

    Price: $595.97
  10. Part#XAN-111100

    Price: $409.97
  11. Part#XAN-110165

    Price: $789.97
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