MidNite MNXWP6848D Schneider Pre-wired Inverter System

Item Number: MNS-27465
Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
Model Number: MNXWP6848D
Manufacturer Country: United StatesUnited States
Free Shipping: Free Shipping
Last Price Update: 06/13/2019

This system uses 2 Schneider Electric Conext XW+ inverters, each rated at 6,800 watts and use a common 48-volt battery. They produce 120/240 volts AC and have two separate AC inputs each. The Whizbang Jr current sense module for Classic provides battery state of charge and is included with this system. Take a look at other products that complement the pre-wired inverter system, like our Battery Boxes, Disconnecting Combiners, and Battery Cables. Also, there is a String Sizing Tool under the Download Specifications tab that will assist you when sizing the Classic charge controllers from MidNite Solar.

MidNite Solar’s pre-wired inverter systems can be configured in about any way needed with any of the common battery based inverters (except Outback). Please contact us for a quote if the system you need is not listed.

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