Stainless Steel Pressure Tank Tee Install Kit

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Item Number: AQS-77826
Last Price Update: 03/27/2022
Manufacturer: AS
Made In: United States
Model Number: SS-T2-M

This top of the line All Stainless Steel Easy Installation Kit has all the components you need to hook up your new Booster Pump to your new Pressure Tank. We recommend a 83 gallon tank or larger if possible. It keeps the pump from starting and stopping too much.

This Kit Contains:

Stainless Steel "Union" Tee Manifold

    • Tank Connection: 1 1/4" MPT (via 1" x 1 1/4" Bushing)
    • In-Line Connections: 1" MPT x 3/4" FPT
    • Drain / Relief Ports: (2) 1/2" FPT
    • Accessory Ports: (2) 1/4" FPT
    • Length: 14"
  • Bushing (1" FPT x 1 1/4" MPT)
  • Check Valve (1" FPT)
  • Shutoff Valve (1" FPT)
  • 1" NPTM x 1" Barb
  • Boiler Drain (1/2" MPT)
  • Pressure Relief Valve, preset at 100 PSI (1/2" MPT)
  • Riser (1/4" x 3" MPT)
  • Pressure Gauge (1/4" MPT)
  • Square-D Pressure Switch, 30/50
  • Teflon Tape for Stainless Steel included

Please Note:The installation package comes unassembled. This allows the configuration of components based on your system design. No soldering is required for assembly.

Additional Note: Adjust the pre-charge air properly in your pressure tank. Do this with all water purged from the tank, so that your water pressure reads zero. Adjust the air pressure to 2 or 3 PSI below your cut-in pressure. Remember if you readjust your pressure switch settings, readjust the pre-charge again.

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