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Primus Wind Power AirX Marine Wind Turbine 12 Volt

Item Number: PWP-13020
Manufacturer: Primus Windpower
Model Number: 1‐ARXM‐15‐12
Last Price Update: 08/29/2018

Primus Wind Power AirX Marine Wind Turbine 12 Volt

Hands down the best energy choice for off-grid marine-based applications in high wind environments. Intended for use in a variety of battery charging applications, including remote homes, sailboats, telecommunication towers, monitoring stations and areas in the developing world where power is needed and wind is abundant. These marine grade wind generators are great for use in the harsh environments created by having the ocean nearby. Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking.

3 year warranty

Features include:

? Durable composite blades

? Delivers 33 kWh/mo. @ 12 mph average wind speed

? Maximum wind speed is 110 mph

? Aircraft-quality aluminum alloy castings

? Brushless neodymium alternator

? Minimal maintenance with two moving parts

? Internal Parts have been coated and unit itself has been painted to marinize inside and out.

Air X Marine, up to 400 watts and is suitable for locations where wind speeds reach up to 100 mph. Carbon reinforced blades and a microprocessor-based speed control result in quieter operation and improved battery charging.

The housing is painted aluminum, and the weight is 18 Lbs. The most powerful wind generator in its class. Precision engineering to deliver when you need it in a convenient physical size to install anywhere!

The Air X Marine with more than 100,000 sold in 120 countries the world's most popular small wind.

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