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Primus Windpower Control Panel 48Volt

Item Number: PWP-13044
Manufacturer: Primus Windpower
Model Number: 2-ARAC-107
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 08/29/2018

Primus Windpower Control Panel 48Volt

Primus Wind Power is pleased to offer a low cost analog control panel for use with AIR Breeze and AIR 40, 48 VDC wind turbines.

The Wind Control Panel (WCP) now offers small wind installations a combined and fully integrated stop switch, analog ammeter, and 5 Amp circuit breaker. All housed within a 5 x 3.5 display unit.

The WCP is easy to install and will result in a professional looking station giving your new system beauty and ease, as well as needed wind system performance data. It helps to reduce installation costs and makes wiring a snap with just 4 wires to connect.

The WCP is available in a 5 Amp version that will support 48 volt systems for AIR Breeze or AIR 40 Wind Turbines. It controls and monitors. It is equipped with a power On/Off circuit breaker, analog ammeter (indicating wind turbine current production) and a Stop/Run switch (for direct control of the turbine). A clearly marked rear terminal block is provided for easy interconnect of the two wind turbine DC wires and the two battery DC power wires. The Wind Control Panel is fully calibrated and ready for installation. Part Number: 2-ARAC-107 WIND CONTROL PANEL


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