RT-[E] Mount AIR Base (2 pack)

Includes 4 screws per each E Mount base
2 ea. / Box
Item Number: RFT-20002
Manufacturer: Roof-Tech
Model Number: RT2-00-ABK
Manufacturer Country: United StatesUnited States
Last Price Update: 04/08/2019
RT-[E] Mount AIR Base

Talk about thinking outside the box! Introducing Roof-Tech's new innovative solar panel roof mount solution - with no rails, no extra roof flashing needed because of the built in butyl mastic backing, and integrated solar array grounding and wire management. No need to lug around long and inconvenient mounting rails up on the roof that is 30 plus feet in the air, and no high shipping costs.

You will enjoy all the benefits of mounting a complete solar electric system on your roof with engineered stamped approval that will pass any building codes for any area. That means that these babies are rated for very high winds, and high snow loads while actually cutting down on the abuse your roof would have to sustain by using a more conventional solar-roof mount system. It just makes sense.

A single solar panel needs 4 RT-E Mount bases. However a single base can be placed under 2 solar panels (one for each end of the module). So much like any other top-clamp mounted roof installation a full system will include End Clamps, Mid Clamps, and a Roof-Tech RT-E Mount BASE for every clamp no matter the type. While each base can be bolted to the structural beams or trusses of a roof, bolting in most cases is not necessary. With plywood roof decking 1/2 or thicker you can simply screw this base down (roof screws included) right through a standard asphalt roofing material and you are done! It is a fully sealed installation because of the butyl-mastic backing also included. So quick and easy!

This heavy-duty revolutionary mounting system affords you a cheap solar panel mounting system that is easy to install, stronger, and more inclusive than any other mounting system on the market today.

By using the All-in-one, rail-less design; The RT-E Mount Air baseis ideal for micro-inverter, or power-optimized solar system installations because it allows for an extra 3 inches of room underneath your solar panels. It's a taller base than the standard Roof-Tech RT-E Mount designed for a more low-profile flush to the roof solar installation. The extra inches of room this base offers below a solar array, makes the AIR base highly desirable where you need extra air movement to keep solar panels cool and producing the most that they can in hot climates! Solar electric panels produce more power the cooler they are.

The RT-[E] Mount AIR

-Improves solar panel cooling in warmer climates, which also improves solar electric total production.

-Is ideal for PV installations that use a micro-inverter or a SolarEdge Power Optimizer.

-Allows for a uniquely scalable solar electric system. Gone are the days that your solar mounting equipment doesn't quite fit the new solar panels you are adding to an existing array.

Accessories to the RT-[E] Mount AIR can be included with the standard UPS shipping such as; Mid Clamps & End clamps appropriately sized for the frame thickness of the solar panel you are using, micro-inverter/power optimizer mounting brackets (1 per micro-inverter or power optimizer), a micro-inverter wire harness mounting bracket that will easily manage all of the wiring required on the roof below the solar array (1 for each base is recommended), and an optional array skirt to make your solar array look finished from the ground up.

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