Universal Flat Mount Bracket Kit - Marine and RV

Item Number: SLP-602853
Manufacturer: Solar Biz
Model Number: SLB-0102
Manufacturer Country: United StatesUnited States
Last Price Update: 02/27/2018

Universal Flat Mount Bracket Kit - Marine and RV

Mount any size solar panel, large or small. It simply bolts to the back of the solar panel, then screws down fastening to a flat surface in 4 places.

When it comes down to the solar products that you need, The Solar Biz has it all! We go out of our way to make your life and solar installations EASY. This little kit is the perfect complete choice for your small solar project. Keeping it simple, this kit is great for installing a panel or 2 on boats, yachts, RV's, trailers, caravans, and small structures. However, any flat surface will do! You just need one of these kits per panel. Our simple kit creates a low profile flat roof solar panel mount that is optimal if your intended purpose is to install on a vehicle that travels at high speeds.

Of course every installation is different and you are required to install this product to a roof with structural integrity - if nothing exists on the vehicle modifications to the roof need to be installed to create a road-worthy project.

Enjoy RUST FREE installations utilizing this little structural aluminum Z shaped mount with stainless steel hardware. Our kit will not corrode your roof surface or solar panel over time, which can happen if installers use the wrong equipment. This little kit will come with what is pictured; 4 mounting Z bases, all nuts, bolts, washers, and self-tapping cap screws with plastic retaining rings.

Mounting solar panels to a flat surface is not ideal for power production. You will see a reduction in power output around mid-day. That is the trade-off because a flat solar panel install on a vehicle is safer, when you are screaming down the highway at 75 miles an hour. If your intended installation is not on a moving vehicle, you may want to lift this whole mount up a little to allow for cool air circulation under the solar panel, helping total power output.

Products like our new Incredible Tape will work well when used in conjunction with this kit to seal and water proof the solar project!

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