Zomeworks UTRF-168 Tracker

Zomeworks UTRF-168 Tracker
Price: $2,973.97

Truck Freight, shipping weight 650 pounds

Item Number:ZOM-181168
Model Number:UTRF-168
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:06/29/2018


Zomeworks UTRF-168 Tracker

This ZomeWorks Passive Track Rack Uses No Motors, No Gears, And No Controls That Can Fail. The Sun's Heat Moves Liquid from Side to Side, Allowing Gravity to Turn the Track Rack and Follow the Sun.

ZomeWorks Tracker UTRF-168 This is the largest of the ZomeWorks solar panel tracking mounts. The new model comes with significantly better wind resistance and is now equipped with a dual high wind kit - 4 of the new ZW extra heavy shock absorbers.

All Mounts Come with Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Hardware. Requires 8" (8-5/8" OD) Schedule 40 Pipe, Not Supplied. The minimum depth of the hole in soil for the pole is recommended at 72". Includes a 10 Year Standard Manufacturer's Warranty.

This Model can accommodate 6-12 Solar Modules depending On Type and Size. Extra Rail Set may be Required and Is Additional. Ships Truck Freight, shipping weight 650 pounds.

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