Rennsteig MC4 Assembly Key Wrench & Spanner Tool

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Item Number: RTI-690001
Last Price Update: 03/02/2022
Manufacturer: Rennsteig Tools, Inc.
Made In: Germany
Model Number: R690 001
1 Bag = 2 each

Rennsteig MC4 Assembly 
Key Wrench & Spanner Tool

All in one tool necessary for making your own MC4 or H4 connection cables. This little key uses an ergonomic plastic open end spanner which is used to tighten or loosen the back of the connector otherwise known as the cable gland. Generally, you would use 2 of these tools. One to hold your MC4 connector in place while the other screws the gland tight. You can also use this key as an MC4 spanner to safely unhook already plugged in male/female MC4 connections after they have been installed.

  • Tighten and loosen MC4 cable gland (see image)
  • Open the MC4 locked connections (see image)

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