Rolls Surrette S-290 Battery S6-GC2-HC 6 volt 230 AH

Rolls Surrette S-290 Battery S6-GC2-HC 6 volt 230 AH
Price: $153.97

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Item Number:SUR-30290
Manufacturer:Rolls Surrette Battery Company
Model Number:S6-GC2-HC / OLD S-290
Manufacturer Country:Canada
Last Price Update:05/02/2019


Rolls Surrette S-290 Battery S6-GC2-HC  6 volt 230 AH

The New Rolls Surrette S-290 Deep Cycle Batteries feature a high cycle life with thick positive plates and a large liquid reserve.

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Series 4000 Warranty 3 Years

Volts 6 BCI GC2

Cells 3 Plates/Cell 19

Terminal Type DT

Included Hardware S/S Hex Cap Screw, Nut, Lock & Flat Washer

Size & Thread 5/16"-18 x 1-1/2"

Charge Voltage Range 2.45-2.5 V/cell @ 25°C (77°F)

Float Voltage Range 2.25 V/cell @ 25°C (77°F)

Recommended Charge Current Capacity

(String) 30 A

Maximum Charge Current (String) 45 A

Self-Discharge Rate 5%-10% per month at 25°C (77°F)


Cold Crank Amps (CCA) 0°F / -17°C 625

Marine Crank Amps (MCA) 32°F / 0°C 781

Reserve Capacity (RC @ 25A) 445 Minutes

Reserve Capacity (RC @ 75A) 117 Minutes

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