Rusco SS 1 Black Sunshield Spin down

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Item Number: UVS-60003
Last Price Update: 06/19/2022
Manufacturer: Rusco
Made In: United States
Model Number: SS1

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Rusco SS 1 Black Sunshield Spin down

Rusco filters signature clear cover is great for checking the status of your filter screen, but in sunny locations, algae growth may become a problem. The Rusco SS2 Sun Shield inhibits algae growth inside the Rusco water filter. The sun shield fits over the clear filter cover in order to block sunlight.

Choose the right sun sleeve: Rusco SS 1 Black Sunshield is appropriate for 0.75" or 1" Spin-Down Filter Systems. for 2" Spin-Down Filter Systems and 2" Sediment Trapper Filter Systems, use Rusco SS2 Sun Shield. If you have a 1.5" Spin-Down System or a 0.75", 1", or 1.5" Sediment Trapper System, you must use the Rusco SS1.5 Sun Shield.

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