Rusco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of water sediment filtration products. Founded in 1983, our goal is to provide high quality, cost-effective filtration for a wide variety of applications such as: irrigation, household, drinking water, agriculture, geothermal, and industrial use. Rusco Spin-Down® and Rusco Sediment Trapper® filters are efficient, easy to maintain sediment filters that can be used in applications from 1 GPM up to 100 GPM.


    Hot Water Filters

  1. Spindown Filter Screens Only

  2. Part#UVS-SDFSP1.5

    Price: $17.97


    Out of stock

  3. Part#UVS-SDFSP1

    Price: $9.97


    Out of stock

  4. Filter Parts

  5. Part#UVS-85301

    Price: $369.97
  6. Part#UVS-85200

    Price: $19.97
  7. Part#UVS-85203

    Price: $39.97
  8. Part#UVS-85202

    Price: $29.97
  9. Part#UVS-85201

    Price: $23.97
  10. Part#UVS-85251

    Price: $3.97
  11. Part#UVS-85252

    Price: $3.97
  12. Part#UVS-85250

    Price: $3.97
  13. Part#UVS-85014

    Price: $37.97
  14. Part#UVS-85010

    Price: $29.97
  15. Part#UVS-85015

    Price: $21.97
  16. Complete Spindown Filters

  17. Complete Sediment Trapper Filters

  18. Sediment Trapper Screens Only

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