Conext XW+ 5548 NA 120/240 60Hrz Pure Sine Inverter

Conext XW+ 5548 NA 120/240 60Hrz Pure Sine Inverter
Price: $2,781.97
Item Number:SCH-12001
Weight:118.00 lbs
Manufacturer:Schneider Electric
Model Number:RNW865554801
Manufacturer Country:China
Last Price Update:03/15/2019


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Schneider Electric Conext XW+ 5548 NA

One solution for grid-tie backup and off-grid power. Introducing the new XW+ family of inverters by Schneider Electric, the Conext XW+ is an adaptable single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverter with grid-tie functionality and dual AC power inputs. This means that you can be grid-tied, with the advantages of having battery back-up in case your power goes out through the conventional utility grid. In that event, you can run your standard household appliances or charge your batteries from a back-up generator, solar electric, or other renewable energy sources. When utility power is available, your batteries can be charged and kept afloat with your standard household power or through the use of renewable energy sources. Any extra power that your system can produce during the day can be used by electrical appliances in your home or sold back to your utility company as revenue.

This inverter is rated at 5500 watts continuous output (120/240 VAC) but can surge to provide larger electrical loads the power they need up to 11,000 watts for short periods of time, and is used with a 48 Volt battery bank. This industry leading inverter boasts a gigantic 140 Amp battery charger built right in. All XW's include battery temperature sensors for temperature compensation. Product Dimensions: Height 23 x Width 16 x Depth 9.07 Total weight 121.7 Lbs.

 Also available from Schneider Electric’s extensive renewable energy portfolio; solar charge controllers, system monitoring, and automated generator control devices enable further adaptability and work seamlessly together for easy total system set up, and communication. From a single Conext XW+ inverter, to clusters of inverters put together for up to 102 kW of output, the Conext XW+ is a scalable system that allows for the integration of solar capacity as required. Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric Conext XW+ system is a great solution for grid-interactive and off-grid, residential or commercial, solar/renewable, and backup power applications.

Intelligent functionality enables solar system prioritization, electrical load shifting, peak energy load shaving, and assists small generators with heavy loads. Lithium-Ion battery pack compatible along with all other standard battery technologies.

Backup power with grid-tie functionality converts external DC power to AC power for export to the utility grid.

Higher return on investment

Intelligent functionality enables solar prioritization, load shifting, peak shaving, and assists small generators with heavy loads

Backup power with grid-tie functionality converts external DC power to AC power for export to the utility grid

Excellent load starting with high 30-minute and 5-second power (8500 Watt / 12,000 Watt)

Performs in hot environments up to 70°C

Designed for reliability

Extensive quality and reliability testing

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

Globally proven and recognized field performance


Single or three phase systems from 5.5.0 kW to 102 kW

Supports DC coupled and AC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures

Supports charging of Lithium Ion battery packs

Easy to service

Field serviceable with replacement boards and spare parts

Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with Conext ComBox

Easy to install

System configures quickly into compact wall-mounted system

Integrates both grid and generator power with dual AC inputs

Balance of system components integrates battery bank, solar charge controllers and generators

Commission the entire system with PC software tool and Conext ComBox

For questions about inverters, renewable energy systems, or Schneider Electric products, please call us toll free 888-826-0939

Shipping Information

Truck Freight to Commercial location 48 States – Latin America Pick Up at Solar Biz Warehouse, Bocas Panama 

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