Schneider Conext XW4024 Inverter/Charger 865-1010

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Item Number: SCH-13003
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
Model Number: 865-1010

There are 3 Suitable replacements: 

SCH-440241 Schneider SW4024 for 24v system

MEI-24424 Magnum MS 4024 PAE for 24v system

SCH-12001 Schneider XW Plus 5548, requires a change from 24v to 48v system 

The Schneider XW System was comprised of manageable building blocks: XW Inverter/Chargers, Solar Charge Controllers, Automatic Generator Start module, and System Control Panel (SCP). The System Control Panel (SCP) allows for easy system set up and configuration. It can also prevent an accidental change of necessary system parameters. The XW system"s digital control offers rigid voltage regulation while surging to start a difficult load providing transparent operation to the homeowner. 

Schneider Electrics 24Vdc XW system offers easy multi-unit expandability for single phase systems from 4 to 24 kW at 120/240Vac, 60Hz output. XW Inverters have XANbus networking and sync ports built in, and communicate seamlessly to synchronize both the invert and charge modes. This system offers efficient Power Factor Corrected battery charging. All XW models provide dual AC inputs so you can be grid connected and use a back-up generator through the system to! These inverters work quietly and efficiently, and can provide 150Amps at 24V of battery charging power. Charging current is 150Amps, Efficiency 94 % - low-load 91 % CEC weighted 85.8 % - maximum charge rate.

The Schneider Electric XW4024 is a Hybrid inverter/charger that provides 120/240Vac at 60Hz single phase. They are a true sine wave with rated continuous power output of 4000 Watts. XW4024 inverter/charger"s power consumption is less 8 Watts in search mode. Wall mounting equipment is provided with this inverter. A battery temperature sensor is included for temperature compensation. Product Dimensions: Height 22.85 x Width 16.16 x Depth 9.07. Product weight 115.74 Lb"s

Harmonic distortion is less than 5 %. Input voltage 120Vac (L-N) - bypass/charge mode 240Vac (L-L) - bypass/charge mode 25.2Vdc. Input voltage limits 80...150Vac (L-N) - bypass/charge mode 160...270Vac (L-L) - bypass/charge mode 108...130V +/- 1.5Vac (L-N) - sell mode 214...260V +/- 3.0Vac (L-L) - sell mode 22...32Vdc. Input current 178Amps DC at rated power Input frequency 59.4...60.4 Hz +/- 0.05 Hz - sell mode 55...65 Hz - bypass/charge mode (default) 44...70 Hz - bypass/charge mode (allowable). Complementary Feature also available with this inverter include; 70 A - phase to neutral (L-N) - 20 s 35 A - phase to phase (L-L) - 20 s. Network frequency 60 Hz +/- 0.1 Hz (output) Cos phi 0.98

All XW inverters have a NEMA Type 1 indoor rated enclosure. Ambient air temperature for operation -25...70 °C Standards CSA 107.1 UL 1741 Product certifications FCC Class B

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