Schneider Electric Conext Battery Monitor

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Item Number: SCH-12021
Last Price Update: 08/03/2022
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
Made In: United States
Model Number: RNW865108001


Conext Battery Monitor

As an accumulating Amp/Hour meter this little device goes above and beyond standard other products. It indicates hours of battery based run-time and determines battery bank state of charge. Conext Battery Monitor shares key battery bank parameters with Conext XW+ inverter/chargers improving overall system performance of 24V and 48V battery banks. Detecting battery string imbalance is determined by using innovative mid-point sensing technology providing time to address the issue before performance is significantly impacted. This monitor comes with a battery interface kit and 500A Shunt included. Product Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.3 x 3.5, shipping weight: 4.3 Lbs

Schneider's Conext Battery Monitor features built-in data logging and a local display to selectively show the voltage, current, consumed amp-hours, remaining capacity and remaining hours. The same information and battery bank data is reported by Schneider's ComBox and distributed to other Conext devices such SW inverter chargers as well as MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Automatic Generator Start module and System Control Panel via Xanbus network connectivity. This greatly enhances performance of the overall system.

Higher return on investment

Get the most out of battery based Conext inverter charger systems

Cleary understand hours of available battery based autonomy

Detect imbalance between battery-strings before it becomes an issue

Designed for reliability

Extensive quality and reliability testing

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)


Stand-alone application or integration with Conext XW+ inverter charger systems

Enables State of Charge triggers for AGS module control of diesel generators

Enables balancing of multi-battery bank systems for large clustered Conext XW+ inverter charger systems

Easy to service

Remotely monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with Conext ComBox

Built-in data logger

Easy to install

Wall-mount, DIN-rail mount, panel mount

RJ45 connections for XanBus network and battery signals

Configure with front-panel buttons, Conext ComBox or RS485 Modbus

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