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Battery Service Accessories

Battery Accessories

The Solar Biz offers an EXTENSIVE selection of all that would be needed to care for batteries and make your life easier! Acid Spill Absorber-Neutralizer, Eye Wash Stations, Hydrometers & testers, Battery Filling systems, Battery Vents, Battery Mats, Protective Coatings, Battery Combiners, switchgear, disconnects, and a full line of Battery Boxes and Enclosures, we have it all and we can train you on their use as well.

Probably the nicest thing you can do for yourself is to get a battery filling system, it’s not automatic, but it requires only about 5 minutes of you time to fill a large bank of batteries and you never have to come into contact with battery acid… ever. With a battery filling system you don’t need all that protective gear and an eyewash station either. It’s so easy you’ll never put off servicing you batteries until the last minute.

Battery enclosures are required in most areas, and we even have lockable ones to keep unauthorized people (like your kids) from messing with your expensive, and dangerous, battery bank.

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