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Generator Starts & Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches come in two basic flavors Automatic and Manual. The Automatic typically costs more than the Manual. The Manual is generally a smaller lower amperage unit.

The Automatic units are typically larger and some have the capability to start your generator when the grid goes down. Transfer Switches provide automatic power supply switching for a variety of applications. Switch between AC power cords, onboard generators, onboard inverters, or all three. Switching is automatic. These sense the presence of the available power supplies and automatically select the proper one, providing safe and appropriate levels of power at all times. We have a variety of models for use in a wide range of power applications.

Generator Start Controllers

If you have a Generator for your Renewable Energy System There are many add-ons that can make your life easier. The first thing to consider is usually a Generator Start Controller. This item sounds like a very useful tool, and it can be, if your expectations are in line with reality.

You can’t substitute it for intelligent maintenance, and have it charge your batteries when they get to the usual depth of discharge. What it can do is really save you and your batteries in the event of a catastrophic low battery situation

i.e. you left something on and went to Europe, your battery is pulled down to a low state of charge, the GSCM triggers the gen start charges the batteries and shuts the Generator back off. This scenario will continue over and over until you come back and notice the Generator is running.

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