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Outback Inverters

Outback Power has released a whole new line of the FX Series Inverter/Chargers called the FXR Series, with a generous line up of features. In the old days there was a separation of Gird-Tie and Off-Grid Inverters. No more... the new line will do anything you want.

Plus they have the added advantage of making a Grid Zero System which allows you to use the grid only when you need to, thus reducing your electric bill substantially. The FXR starts with the best features of the FX platform - pure sine wave output, cast aluminum chassis, advanced internal heat management - and adds cutting-edge features.

The FXR simplifies the inverter/charger landscape with a family of 12 inverter models that can handle virtually any renewable energy scenario, off-grid or grid-interactive, 50 Hz or 60Hz, 120V or 230V.