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Schneider Electric

Schneider Renewables part of the electrical giant Schneider Electric, a name you might not be familiar with yet but, you have likely have been using their products all your life.

Schneider is the parent company of Square D Electrical products as well as APC (American Power Conversion) if you look you probably have an APC back-up/Surge Suppressor on your computer system.

Several years ago Schneider bought the company called Xantrex and completely re-invented the old inverter line with well-designed dependable new products.

Schneider Imposes a MAP Pricing Policy

Restrictions on Reseller’s Advertised Prices for the Products: The minimum advertised prices (the “MAP”) for the Products shall be no less than the List Prices. From time to time, Schneider Electric will up update and revise the List Prices and provide such updated List Prices to the Resellers at which time those new List Prices will immediately become the MAP for the Products.

Violations include any advertisement that implies that a Product is being offered for sale at a price below the MAP or that includes language or graphics which state or suggest that a Product is being promoted at a price less than the MAP including but not limited to the following:

• Showing the price of a Product with a slash line through it in a manner that

states or suggests that the advertised offer is less than the MAP.

• Offering an instant rebate or “$X or X% off” in a manner that states or suggests

that the advertised price of the Product is less than the MAP.

• Offering a Product as a free or gift item.

• Using the language such as “sale price” or “new low price” or words such as

“subtract”, “less” or “take away” in a manner that states or suggests the

advertised price of the Product is less than the MAP.

• Including language such as “price too low to print”.

• Including language in print or electronic media with statements to the effect of

“call for price” or “inquire for price”.

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