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Roof Tech

“Bringing the next generation of mounting hardware to the US.”

Utilizing over 17 years of experience and engineering, Roof Tech has introduced a new and revolutionary way to quickly and efficiently mount solar electric modules onto standard shingle roofs. By way of their NO-RAIL design, they have done away with solar panel installation hassle and expenditure! Gone are the days of waiting on big truck freight – This system is compact and totally UPS-able. Convenient to ship or receive anywhere! No more handling 20 foot long rail pieces 30 feet up in the air. This solar panel mounting system proves strong and robust compared to other mounting solutions on the market today. This is because of the design – ultimately an install will have an equivalent or higher amount of total attachment points to the roof.

What makes this mounting system extra special? Install simply by attaching the bases of the kit straight through your shingles with roofing screws provided, to the plywood or chip-board decking underneath. The base attachments already have butyl-mastic backing so as you install, you are also sealing and water-proofing any penetrations. No Roof Flashing is needed! These can easily be mounted to existing shingle roofs. No need to re-roof the area with solar panels installed! Stamped Engineering letters are available for across the Nation for your building department should you need them.

Integrated Grounding and wire management comes standard with the kit. There are two types of solar panel bases; The standard [RT-E Mount] for low profile roof installations, and the AIR Mount which allows for an extra 3 inches of lift and stand-off for more room underneath the array, when installing micro-inverters or DC Power Optimizers. The AIR Mount, as its name implies, also allows for more air flow beneath a solar panel array keeping it cooler. So in hot climates, this type of base would actually add to the total efficiency and power production of a solar panel installation.

If Micro-Inverters or DC Power-Optimizers are being used, Roof Tech has also developed a quick mounting bracket that attaches to the AIR Mount base, and extra wire management brackets and clips can be purchased and shipped affordably with the entire system.

In order to choose the correct parts for your installation, you will need to know the frame thickness of the solar panels you wish to mount, and choose the corresponding solar module END Clamp and MID clamps that will fit. You will need a BASE for every clamp in your system. If you find that your roof is not completely flat or square, we can also provide shims to keep your solar array looking uniform. All items are in stock and available now – so no lead time for shipping! Installation time, cost, and total material needed is cut in HALF – WITHOUT sacrificing high quality and structural integrity!

Know what you want but unsure of the material you will need? Click here for Roof Tech Estimator. This tool will provide you with a report that includes a BOM (Bill of Materials) required for your project (you may need additional accessories such as cable holder brackets or micro inverter brackets). Save the BOM and email it in to us to get your rack ordered, it is that simple!

If you have questions on solar panel mounting systems, please feel free to contact us toll free! Let our years of experience guide you, 888-826-0939