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SlowPumps and Booster Pumps

There’s several differing opinions when it comes to pressurizing domestic water. One school says if you already have a well pump, just pressurize with the well pump. This option at first glance seems the simplest solution. Until you remember how hard it is to get at this well used pump (down the well) if you have trouble. This will also require the pump to run quite a lot (and wear out).

The other school says get a solar direct well pump and pump into a cistern or tank. The pump will only run every 3 or 4 days when the tank level drops about a third. The expensive well pump will really last years this way.

This option will require you to have either an elevated tank to provide pressure at about 0.43 Lbs. per foot of drop, or utilize a booster pump, pressure tank and pressure switch. The benefits of using a small pressure pump connected to the house battery is it provides pressure water 24/7 and the PV direct well pump which is divorced from the house only runs when the sun shines.