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SolarForce Piston Pumps

The SolarForce Piston Pump is really my favorite pump to pressurize water. I think it is “bullet proof” dependable. It uses very “old school” technology which has been dependably used for years… a brass cylinder and leather cups. It is very dirt and dry-run tolerant and the leather cups last a very long time between necessary replacement.

This is an excellent choice for a domestic system with lawn sprinklers or even a small hostel or hotel. This pump can even be operated by hand with a lever if the motor doesn’t function, although I personally have never spoken with anyone who had to.

Dankoff offers a complete re-build kit with all the gaskets and parts necessary to make it function as new. I might add a note of caution however, as the water chamber is cast iron a RUSCO filter on the output side is desirable to catch rust particles. Also as cast iron is brittle the water chamber should be drained if you expect even a mild freeze. We have used a simple automotive radiator petcock to facilitate draining.