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The Grundfos SQFlex Well Pump is an excellent choice for a submersible pump for water lifts of up to 800'. Our New Mexico Warehouse has a 680 foot well with a Grundfos Pump.

SQFlex pumps can be directly powered by solar or can even be run on an inverter, a generator, a battery, the utility grid, or any combination of these sources. Any electrical power from, 30 to 300 Volts DC and 90 to 240 Volts AC, can be utilized to power this pump.

While it can operate on a series string of PV modules with a total peak power voltage of at least 30 VDC, its efficiency will be best at voltages over 100 VDC. The motor is designed to draw a maximum of 8.4 A, so many types of PV modules can be used with this pump efficiently, including the currently common and economical 60 cell modules.

The SQFlex models 3SQF through 11SQF will fit a 3" well casing and the 25SQF-3 through 60SQF-3 will fit into a 4" casing. There are 10 different pump models that can deliver from 82 gpm. @ 6' to 4 gpm. @ 800' of head.

We recommend the helical rotor pumps (models 3, 6 and 11) for high head applications and centrifugal pumps (models 25, 40, and 60) for low head The SQFlex has built-in protection from dry-running, overloading, and overheating.

All Grundfos SQFlex pumps have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. A 5 year extended warranty is available.