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Surface Pumps

Surface Water Pumps are used to pressurize water systems typically in conjunction with a pressure (bladder) tank, other uses include moving water from a source to a storage area or tank, or moving water uphill or for irrigation systems.

Surface pumps are usually mounted above the water level which requires a suction lift, the distance between the water level and the inlet of the pump. However if a water storage tank is used the water level could be above the pump creating a positive suction head.

The surface pumps shown here on this page fall into two types the first is Sun Pumps SCB series pressure pumps which are multi-stage centrifugals designed primarily for boosting pressure from surface water as long as the water supply is at or above the level of the pump.

The others are the incredible Triplex Piston Pumps, with head ranges from 1600 feet to 2300 feet and depending on the model can produce from 600 to 1000 pounds of pressure