Smart Power (On Grid) Handbook

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Item Number: AZP-17971
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Aztec Press
Made In: Canada
Model Number: Smart Power

Smart Power The On-Grid Solar Handbook

Concern over energy supply, costs and environmental problems are not limited to those prepared to venture into the countryside to an off-grid life. Urban people now the vast majority in the western world share the same fear about what lies ahead. Yet the average North American family will spend over one quarter million after-tax dollars on energy in a lifetime. The difference between North American and European energy consumption is waste and inefficiency or, simply, wasted money.

Smart Power shows homeowners that using less energy or adopting renewable-energy technologies is not about making drastic lifestyle sacrifices, nor is it expensive. In fact, energy efficiency often improves lifestyle through lower operating costs, a more comfortable environment, and increased disposable income.

Smart Power shows that our concern for first cost when purchasing appliances and consumer goods is robbing us blind. For example, keeping a 15-year-old fridge rather than replacing it will actually cost 4-5 times more than the new model because of wasted energy costs.

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