Solar Boost Battery Temp Sensor Lug

Item Number: BLU-18802
Manufacturer: Blue Sky Energy
Model Number: 930-0022-20
Manufacturer Country: United StatesUnited States
Last Price Update: 02/25/2019

Solar Boost Battery Temp Sensor Lug

Applying the proper charge voltage is critical for achieving optimum battery performance and longevity. .The ideal charge voltage required by batteries changes with battery temperature. The battery temperature sensor allows the charge controller to continuously adjust charge voltage based on actual battery temperature. Temperature compensation of charge voltage assures that the battery receives the proper charge voltage as battery temperature changes during normal operation.

Product Features:
*Compatible With All Blue Sky Energy Charge Controllers

*Capable Of Temperature Compensation

*Sensor Element Is Double Sealed For Protection From The Elements

*Sensor Housing Mounts To Battery Terminal To More Accurately Measure Internal Battery Temperature

*Full 12 Month Limited Warranty

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