Atkinson PVLC-15 12/24Volt 15Amp Lighting Charge Controller

Atkinson PVLC-15 12/24Volt 15Amp Lighting Charge Controller
Price: $95.97
Item Number:ATE-50053
Weight:0.45 lbs
Manufacturer:Atkinson Electronics
Model Number:PVLC-15
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:07/17/2018


Atkinson PVLC-15 12/24Volt 15Amp Lighting Charge Controller

Atkinson PVLC-15 Charge controller monitors both the battery and PV panel voltage to determine: 12V or 24V DC mode of operation, if PV panels have sufficient voltage for charge, and if the battery bank requires charging. When charging the Atkinson PVLC-15 cycles the charge relay every 4 minutes to re-verify open circuit PV charge voltage to avoid discharging the batteries through the PV panels when low light conditions occur.

The charge re-connection time is varied by the microprocessor to optimally reduce the charge rate for nearly or fully charged batteries. The Atkinson PVLC-15 internal temperature compensation adjusts the charge threshold voltages for optimum charge of the battery bank based on temperatures between 08C to 458C. Completely potted so it's water-proof (don't put in direct sunlight) for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • In-line PV charge controller, eliminates the need for blocking diodes
  • Micro-controller for digital accuracy and reliability
  • Fully automatic operation on 12V or 24V DC systems
  • Built-in Temperature compensation
  • LED indication of Solar charge
  • Will handle up to 10 Amps @ 28V DC from PV panels
  • Sealed / Flooded batteries selectable
  • Pulse action reduces battery sulfation

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