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Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P300, for 60 cell modules

No longer in production.
This unit has been replaced with the Solar Edge P320.

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Item Number: SEI-00301
Manufacturer: SolarEdge
Model Number: P300-2NM4A
Manufacturer Country: Various
Last Price Update: 04/03/2019

P300 Watt Power Box Optimizer by SolarEdge, is specifically designed for use with any type of 60 Celled solar module. The Solar Edge Power optimizers use Module level Maximum Power Point Tracking for superior efficiency of up to 99.5%. They efficiently optimize each solar module independently. It dynamically tracks the global maximum operating point for both solar panel and PV inverter. In doing so, it mitigates all types of solar panel mismatch & losses from manufacturing, environmental factors, tolerance, and partial shading of your array. The optimizers also allow for parallel uneven length strings and multi-level installations, and connection of different module types. The Power Optimizer box offers immediate installation feedback for quick commissioning.

The SolarEdge Power Optimizer easily allows for individual solar panel-level monitoring for automatic module and string level fault detection allowing easy maintenance. Electric arc immediate detection - reduces fire hazards. The use of Power Optimizers offer unprecedented installer and firefighter safety mode, with module-level voltage shutdown. Lower installation costs with faster design, and less wiring, DC disconnects, and fusing.

Easy and flexible installation mount to your panel or a racking system with a single bolt.

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