Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P400 for 60,72,96 cell modules

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Item Number: SEI-00400
Last Price Update: 12/08/2021
Manufacturer: SolarEdge
Made In: Various
Model Number: P400


Solar Edge POWER OPTIMIZER P400 for 60,72,96 cell modules

The P400 can be used with 60, 72, or 96 celled solar modules. The Solar Edge Module Power Optimizer highlights Module level Maximum Power Point Tracking up to 99.3% efficient, and optimizes each solar module independently. It dynamically tracks the global maximum operating point for both modules and PV inverter.

It offers Individual solar panel-level monitoring for automatic solar module and string level fault detection allowing easy maintenance. Electric arc detection - reduces fire hazards. The SolarEdge Power Optimized system offers unprecedented installer and firefighter safety mode by bringing the entire string system down to a safe module voltage when inverter is disconnected or off. You can connect one or more modules to each power optimizer. Lower installation costs with faster design, and less wiring, DC disconnects and fusing.

Easy and flexible installation use the same installation methods as exist today. Power Optimizers allow parallel uneven length solar panel strings and multi-faceted, multi-surfaced installations. You can even use and connect up a variation of different module types. This system offers immediate installation feedback for quick commissioning.

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