Grid-Tie Calculator

On-Grid Solar Power Calculator

First, you’ll need a copy of your electric bill. Figure the average kW usage for a year and put the answer in the top box.

Next use 100% in the “percent of bill to cover” field to get an idea of the proper size of the system. This will reduce the amount of potential energy you’ll have to buy from the power company.

From the “Sun Hour” map find your location and select the number that appears in that section. Unless you’re willing to move to Phoenix you’re stuck with this amount of sun at your location.

Sun Hours are an engineering term based on the time it takes to produce One Kilowatt of electricity from a square meter of solar panels. So even though you may “see” the sun from dawn to dusk the Sun Hours will always be less time.

For the Watts of the solar panels, it is always best to use the largest watt panels you can get, to conserve space. However, we offer many wattage choices of solar panels, so “Cost” will also be a consideration. Often, 5 or 10 watts difference, will not make a significant difference in the physical number of panels in your array. So, choose the best deal that’s within your budget.

This calculator will then estimate the number of Solar Modules needed to produce your required energy, thus allowing you to see the physical size of the solar array to ensure you have enough space for it.

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