Off Grid Independent

Off Grid Residential

Off Grid Residential solar system design is the biggest challenge and the area of the most mistakes in the renewable world. The largest number of solar installers spend their time installing simple grid-tied systems in the urban and suburban environment.

But Off Grid is very different and often confusing to design. Off Grid systems are totally independent of any other power source with the notable exception of a back-up generator. So in essence there’s not much forgiveness.

When you have an Off-Grid system you are the Power Company. Here you will find out what you need and how it goes together to seamlessly make reliable power for your home.

This whole section is here to give you a rough idea of cost and size of a normal system, but in the end, you should use us to help you with the system design. While we offer many choices of equipment, you’ll need help. We have been designing Off-Grid systems for decades, and we know what component goes with what and why you need it.

Below is an interactive graphic you can click on to see the various components of your Off-Grid system.


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