Off Grid RV and Marine

RV & Marine (Off-Grid Solar)

The main difference between Marine and Recreational Vehicle solar electric systems and Off-Grid home or cabin solar electric systems, is that Marine and RV systems rarely have enough space for the solar panel array necessary to meet their needs.

While they may be able to accommodate the necessary battery bank for their electrical loads, the problem of adequately keeping the batteries charged typically falls to a fossil fuel generator and “shore power” along with however much solar that can fit into the small amount of real estate available.

Also, boats and RVs have special grounding considerations. But, in every other aspect the equipment necessary to provide power is pretty much the same.  

The solar modules, mounting hardware for them, the storage battery or bank of batteries, solar charge controller(s), an inverter to provide AC power, a battery monitoring system, a system controller to program the various components to maintain the system, usually a communication system between the various equipment and lastly and most importantly protection for all the circuits which includes surge suppression and circuit breakers and some sort of enclosure to house them.


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