Grid Assist

Grid Assisted Solar Electricity

With a Grid Assisted system you’re basically "Self Sufficient" and "Self-Contained" much like being "Off-Grid". While you still stay connected to the power grid (and still pay a small bill), your house mainly runs from the energy you produce.

If you ever need more energy than you can produce, at any given time, the system controller will automatically "Buy" a small amount of energy from the power company and "Blend" it with your energy as a supplement to your need. Depending on your demand you could go for months without buying any electricity from the power company.

A Grid Assist system uses the power company grid as a fall back, much as a backup generator would do, but without the maintenance of fuel, oil changes and purchase of a generator. Not to mention the eliminated noise bother of a generator as well.

Because you are connected to relatively stable source of power, the storage (Battery) requirement can be less than a pure "Off Grid" system… thus reducing the overall cost.

With this system everything you do is "Behind" your electric meter so there’s usually no need to ask permission from the power company or get involved with their bureaucracy.  


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